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2. Meet the Coaches

Rohan Stephenson
Men's Coach

Rohan, originally from South Africa but now proudly part of our local hockey community, is a coach who lives and breathes the game. He's all about putting in the hard work and training like every day is a big match. Being voted Mens 1s Player of the Season in his first full year at the club is a testament to his impressive skills and leadership.

What makes Rohan stand out is his unique way of teaching, particularly in his use of beacons to both guide and challenge players on the field. With his international background, having played and coached in South Africa, he brings fresh perspectives to our local hockey scene. Beyond the sport, Rohan also values life lessons, instilling qualities like discipline and teamwork in his players. He's not just a coach; he's an inspirational mentor who's shaping our players, both as athletes and individuals.

Richard Beer
Ladies 1st XI Coach

The Ladies have seen great success since Richard started coaching a few seasons ago, winning their last 2 seasons on the trot.

Phil Boast
Ladies 2nd XI Coach

Boasty has been coaching Cricket for as long as he can remember, and coaching in the youth setup here at Valley for a number of years. His recent move to Ladies 2nd XI coach came with the growth of the club, and to allow focussed and personal training for everyone at different levels. The results of his efforts are already starting to show on the pitch and the Ladies are looking forward to another strong year with his guidance.