Club History

The history of the hockey club traces its roots back to Thames Valley Grammar School on Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham, which was founded in 1928.

Hockey was played at the school by both boys and girls. As the early students started leaving, separate Old Boys and Old Girls teams were formed.

TVHC originates from the Old Boys' side, established in 1936 as 'Old Thamesians Hockey Club.' Home matches were held at the school, followed by a trip to a local pub for refreshments. The club founders decided to adopt the school colors, maroon and green, as the club's colors.

Hockey activities paused during the outbreak of war in 1939 but resumed in 1946 as players returned from the forces.

An Old Thamesians mixed hockey team was frequently assembled on Sundays, comprising players from both Old Boys' and Old Girls' clubs until the mid-1960s, when the Old Thamesians (Ladies) Hockey Club disbanded.

With the closure of grammar schools in Twickenham and the last students departing in 1977, the club decided to rename itself Thames Valley Hockey Club in 1979.

Prior to the name change, the club underwent other changes, primarily driven by the pursuit of better facilities. The club relocated three times: in 1958, it moved from the school to Carlisle Park, Hampton, but still relied on local pubs for post-match refreshments and the council for pitch preparation. In 1973, the move was to Osterley, where the club shared a clubhouse and pitches with the Old Creightonians Hockey Club for three seasons. In 1976, they moved to Egham, becoming tenants of Egham Cricket Club.

Following the move to Egham, mixed hockey restarted in the 1976/77 season, with a full ladies fixture list introduced in the 1978/79 season.

In the 2006/7 season, the club relocated to Chertsey Cricket Club and entered into a partnership with Salesian School, gaining access to their new Astroturf pitch.

During the 2013 AGM, the club members voted to modify the club's name by adding "Chertsey." This change not only reflects the club's current location but also facilitates online searches to find the club.

We express our gratitude to Bernard Hancke for providing the historical information above.